The Loblolly Boy




And so it begins.




Current Shows

August 9 - Oxbow Brewing - 7PM - Newcastle, ME


Past Shows


February 22nd - College of the Atlantic (PRIVATE) - Bar Harbor, ME

March 6 - Oxbow Blending and Bottling - Portland, ME

March 14th - Blue - Portland, ME

May 17th - Fogtown Brewing - Ellsworth, ME

July 10 - The Apohadion Theater - Portland, ME


October 11th - the Apohadion Theatre - Portland, ME

October 19th - Fogtown Brewing - Ellsworth, ME

October 20th - Lubec Brewing Company - Lubec, ME

July 19 - Eureka Hall - Stockholm, ME

July 20 - Burnt Cove Church - Stonington, ME





the Loblolly Boy is the musical vehicle of songwriter Luke Kalloch.  After growing up writing songs in his native state of Maine, Kalloch toured the country playing his music before settling in Austin, TX were he further honed his songwriting into what his fellow musicians came to call ‘Bummer Folk’.  Kalloch’s songs are steeped in sorrow, full of characters that are out of luck, complex, flawed, and, sometimes, just downright miserable.  Somehow, through this veil of sadness,  a glimmer of hope pokes through the plot of each song, leaving the listener misty eyed but wanting a little more.  Drawing sonically from the Alt-Country genre, The Loblolly Boy is dynamic, going from a whisper of a verse to a raucous chorus in a matter of beats.  Whether in a listening room, bar, venue, or living room, Kalloch feels right at home with his sad songs.